Frequently asked questions.

We answer some of the most common questions asked by potential employees, covering topics including the hiring process, employee benefits, and more.

Normally, we can have a driver rolling within 4 – 5 business days. 

We go through normal background checks and hire on a case-by-case situation.  

You need to have a CDL Class A.  No other endorsements are needed. 

Lone Oak pays up to $2400 per year toward health insurance premiums.
We also have a simple IRA that we will match up to 3%. 

Yes, we look at our potential drivers and assess if it may or may not be a fit for Lone Oak.

Yes, you earn a week of vacation for every annual year.
After 5 years, you are allowed 2 weeks of vacation.

We pay every two weeks.
We pay by the mile, empty or loaded.

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